My introduction to the good life was through skateboarding. It increased when I started doing graffiti in 1994. The painting led me into a tattoo shop to do a mural, where I ended up getting a Saturday job, fetching and cleaning. After two years of weekends, I had finished school, and started a full time 5 year apprenticeship. I tattooed myself and my mates until 2001 when I started tattooing every day. When I opened my own shop, Sins of Style, I was able to limit the styles of work that I do, and it gave me the freedom to turn away work that I don’t find artistically rewarding. The easy pace of the shop gives me plenty of time to draw up most tattoos from scratch. Shortly after opening, two of my favourite people, Lee and David joined me to help increase the good life in the city bowl.

I started this blog to show some of the tattoos I do and the photographs I’ve taken over the years.


22 Hope Street
Cape Town
South Africa


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  • laura says:


    I really need a tattoo done. its tiny and should take a mere ten minutes max. Just want a small Lambda sign on my left wrist.

    How do I make a booking?

  • Andreas says:

    Yo Tyler! funny i found your blog here, greetings from POST from Germany, Remember?
    See you, when i might come back to CT

    • vs. HOSH!!! says:

      TBM….. on the blog! ‘Too top to lik’ shots’!!!

      Ya….. POST !!!! Your in this big coffee table book I did about SA (tyler was one of the artists heavily involved) …. came out 3 months back… might be coming out to EU to do some launch events and exhibitions… hit me up…. h2osoul77@aol.com

  • Rebecca Ranson says:

    Hey Tyler, Love your tatts for Yolandi & Ninja! So funny my nephew (Henry~9) recently designed his own board in Australia & had it made in Cape Town. He picked up his board whilst he was on a Cruise throu South Africa. So around that time I heard of Die Antwoord & absolutely loved their tunes. Henrys design was a ‘Penis Boy’ an almost exact replica of the ‘Evil Boy’ twin.

    Amazing how connected we all are! Did you do that design too? Love Ur work, I hope Cape Town sees U well & Ur enjoying the tunes. Big love from Australia & Penis Boy, send the Antwoords all our Love!!!


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